Yanlai Yang

I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at UC Berkeley, where I am fortunate to do research as part of the Robotic AI & Learning Lab, advised by Frederik Ebert and Prof. Sergey Levine.

I am a recipient of the Mark D. Weiser Excellence in Computing Scholarship and the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award at UC Berkeley.

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My current research interest focuses on deep imitation learning and deep reinforcement learning for robotics.

bridge_data Bridge Data: Boosting Generalization of Robotic Skills with Cross-Domain Datasets
Frederik Ebert*, Yanlai Yang*, Karl Schmeckpeper, Bernadette Bucher, Georgios Georgakis, Chelsea Finn, Sergey Levine
Preprint, 2021
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bdd Multi-Task Learning Architectures and Applications
Andy Yan, Xin Wang, Yanlai Yang, Roy Fox, Xiaolong Wang, Joseph Gonzalez
Technical Report, 2020

gigo_fat Garbage In, Garbage Out? Do Machine Learning Application Papers in Social Computing Report Where Human-Labeled Training Data Comes From?
R. Stuart Geiger, Kevin Yu, Yanlai Yang, Mindy Dai, Jie Qiu, Rebekah Tang, Jenny Huang
ACM FAT*, 2020

cs188 Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Fall 2021

Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Spring 2021

Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Fall 2020

Undergraduate Student Instructor, CS188 Spring 2020

In addition to the co-authors listed in the research papers above, I would also like to thank Prof. Pieter Abbeel and Dr. Stas Tiomkin for being my research advisors when I was an undergraduate researcher at the UC Berkeley Robotic Learning Lab.

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